Vendredi de Vocabulaire: Charmed, Season 3 (pt. 1)

I started watching Season 3 of Charmed dubbed in French, so today’s set of words all come from there.

  • dessoûler – to sober up
  • ramasser – to pick up
  • décolleté – low cut (like a top)
  • un déguisement – costume, such as for Halloween, but also a disguise
  • se lasser – to grow tired (of someone or something)

I actually haven’t seen Seasons 1 or 2 of Charmed, since when I checked Netflix and Amazon, they didn’t list a French audio track. I’m probably going to get Season 1 from Netflix just to check, however, since I’ve found that sometimes the online blurbs don’t provide all of these details. Charmed has the added bonus of being an urban fantasy, so it’s a bit like doing writing research while practicing my French at the same time.

For some reason, I tend to get more into TV series than movies. If I’m watching to practice French, I prefer TV series that are originally in French. However, American series dubbed in French are easier to get a hold of in the US (as in, I can get them from Netflix—although I hear the French version of Law and Order may soon be available here). If you’re in the US, using an American DVD with a French audio track is also more likely to actually work with your DVD player.