Memorial Day Weekend in Boston

I went up to Boston for Memorial Day weekend to hang out with some friends during a much needed break. I thought I’d share some of the highlights of my trip here:

Tu Y Yo is a Mexican restaurant that veers away from the usual Tex-Mex fare, but it’s absolutely delicious. I went with two friends, and between us we got the Indio Vestido (cheese-stuffed cactus paddles), the Chile Relleno En Nogada (beef stuffed poblano pepper with a sweet creamy sauce), and the Mole Colorado Tiaxcalteca (chicken in a chocolate mole). Everyone loved what they ordered, and the waiter was very friendly.

Minted Mushy Peas – Peas have never been my favorite vegetable, but the minted mushy peas from The Haven in Jamaica Plain might have changed my mind. I didn’t think a vegetable could ever taste this good.

The SOWA Open Market is a weekly market (on Sundays) spread out over about 3 blocks in the South End, and there’s probably something for everyone here: lots of crafts, food trucks, and artisanal foodstuffs, plus many of the local brick-and-mortar stores and galleries are open.

One of those brick-and-mortar stores is Grey’s Fabric. They carry a lot of patterns from indy designers and a small but nice selection of fabrics and notions, and they offer classes. It was particularly nice to see samples of some of the patterns in real life, especially the ones I’ve been seeing on sewing blogs.

Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville

I spent last weekend up in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville visiting some old friends, hanging out, and generally causing trouble. I got to see one of the Artisan’s Asylum spaces, and met one or two interesting people.


I took Megabus up to Boston on Friday and then went over to Harvard Square. There I hung out at the Au Bon Pain, conversed briefly with some German tourists, and pretended to be writerly while waiting for Jenn. Once she arrived, we hung out in the square for a bit longer, getting cheesecake at the Harvard Coop.

Later we went to have dinner at a place in Inman Square called Spice and Rice. The decor was interesting, with colored lights and curved lines. Even better, the food was tasty. Afterwards, we hung out at the asylum with the Demonspawn. (It’s a term of endearment. Really.)

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