Reading Notes: The Big Kitty (Sunny and Shadow #1)

Book Cover - The Big Kitty by Claire DonallyMy office recently moved, so I went to check out the nearest public library. (The one near my house is closed for some indefinite period of time.) I picked this book up randomly while browsing the mystery section, figuring if it wasn’t good, I didn’t have to finish it. It turned out to be a good find, and I’ll be picking up the sequel.

The Big Kitty follows Sunny, a reporter who’s moved back to Maine from New York City to take care of her father, and Shadow, a tomcat who finds he’s ready to settle down with a nice girl. Punny names aside, the story is quite engaging. It starts out in typical cozy mystery fashion, with a seemingly-accidental death that proves to be anything but. As the story continues, however, Sunny gets placed in a good deal more physical danger than most cozy detectives. I’m okay with this, however, as it added a sense of urgency.

There are a few scenes written from the perspective of Shadow (the cat) which seem consistently cat-like. Most of the book is from Sunny’s perspective, but I particularly enjoyed seeing Shadow’s perspective, and it added to my sense of investment in Sunny and Shadow’s relationship.