Gardening update: grubs edition

My garden this year is… not doing quite as well as I’d like. I got a late start on it, and started most things from seeds. But the sage finally came up, and my hyacinth bean vines are doing really well, despite Bella having decided that they are fun to chew on. I also transplanted my petunias into grow bags. I am hopeful that they’ll do well in them, but the transplanting may have been a bit traumatic. I’m also trying to grow some rosemary and mint and a thyme lawn.

Unfortunately, the thyme is doing super poorly. I transplanted thyme plants into a 3′ x 3′ raised bed on the back patio. A few days ago, I realized that there are grubs, and they have really enjoyed snacking on the thyme roots. I’ve ordered some milky spore and am waiting for it to arrive. I may have to give up on the thyme lawn, though. I’m considering trying Johnny Jump Ups. They are purple and yellow violas that I’m told are fairly grub resistant. If I do, I’ll probably start from seed, and it’ll be a while before I do so.

I also repotted the houseplants a few days ago. They seem to be doing well and are enjoying being in bigger pots. (They were getting a bit rootbound.) I may see if I can get baby purple zebra plants. We’ll see.