Book Review: L’Ami d’Enfance de Maigret

L'Ami d'Enfance de Maigret (French Edition)L’Ami d’Enfance de Maigret by Georges Simenon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had to look up a fair number of words, which made me feel a bit like a little bit like a kid trying to read a grown-up book. Still, I was able to get through this fairly quickly, and it was an entertaining read.

Book source: Free Library of Philadelphia

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Vendredi de Vocabulaire: L’Immobilier

Some of the vocabulary I’ve encountered most recently has to deal with real estate, or l’immobilier (masc). As with most places, there are a few basic types of property one can buy.

  • une maison – a house
  • un terrain – a piece of land
  • un appartement – a condo or apartment. I think un condominium is only used in Canada.

You can also buy un immeule, which is a building, often containing multiple units. (Un meuble, incidentally, is a piece of furniture.)

Most of these words are also associated with this one: rêver. I’ll let you figure out what that one means.