Sunday Gardening

This weekend was amazingly warm, so yesterday I decided to do a bit of gardening. Bella supervised, of course. Here’s a quick rundown of what I did:

  • Propped up some of the raspberry canes, which are mostly green—though I did have to prune off a few brown ends. I’ll have to give these some 10-10-10 food.
  • Repotted the blueberry shrubs, which are also green, and gave them some azalea food. I used Mr. Fig’s old pot for one of the blueberry shrubs.
  • Planted some cat grass in three window boxes. In a few weeks, these will be brought inside for Bella to nibble on.
  • Planted some lavender seeds in two containers.
  • Threw some old nasturtium seeds into a pot. These seeds are a few years old, so who knows if they’ll grow or not.

This sounds like a lot, but it really only took an hour and a half. I still ended up feeling rather worn out afterwards, though.

Of course, then I checked the weather forecast and saw that the lows for Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the 30s. Still, my garden tends to be survival of the fittest, so we’ll see. Maybe things will will be okay.

The mint plant is still going, though I think i need to divide it and give it some more room. It’s probably getting rather root bound. That will have to wait until at least next weekend, however.