En Français: Les Chatons Telecom

If you are into cute kitten videos, you have probably seen this French TV commercial featuring… well, cute kittens.

A non-francophone friend asked me what it says. I wound up transcribing most of it for her. I figured, since I’d already done, why not post my transcription here? I didn’t quite catch everything, so if I missed anything or made a mistake, please do let me know.


Hey Philip.
Hey my cat (sort of like hey man, except they are cats)

[TV Cat]
… the first catstronaut…

At Bouygues Telecom…
We know that you like when we respond quickly by to telephone calls and fix your problem in the wink of an eye.
We know that you like getting an advice about your choice of boxes [i think this is broadband modems] and your smartphone.

At your service

We know that you like watching TV in HD.

Catchete (like machete, i guess)

We know that you like like being able to make calls from everywhere in France… and on the other side of the world.

[In cab]
Follow that cab
[couldn’t catch this]

It’s because we know all this that we have nearly 9200 [couldn’t catch this].
And because we at Bouque Telecom know that you like short internet videos with little kittens, that we decided to make this short internet videos with little kittens.

[party VO]
And it’s because we know what you like that Bouygues Telecom is now the #1 in customer service for mobile telephones and now home (non-mobile) internet.