Introducing Leo and Nira

I thought I’d take a break from political posts to introduce my new housemates: Leo and Nira. They’ve been living here for a little over 3 weeks now, and came to me through PAWS.


Leo is a mostly white cat with brown spots and a brown tail. He is sitting in my office chair.

Leo is about 16 months old. He’s a cuddlebug who is a little needy, but very sweet. He’s also extremely athletic and really good at getting to places he shouldn’t.


Nira is a brown tabby cat. Here she is sitting on my bedspread.

Nira is 14 months old. She’s a little shy, but very sweet. She’s been taking a while to adjust to me, but she and Leo have been getting along pretty well.

Saying Goodbye to Bella

Bella - The Last Picture

I had to put Bella to sleep on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, I took Bella to the vet. She had stopped eating or drinking, and she seemed really lethargic. Tests revealed that she had pancreatitis and her kidneys weren’t working. They kept her overnight and gave her fluids and medication, but she was in a lot of pain and her kidneys were getting worse.

I held her in my lap and pet her, and eventually she started purring. When I lifted her off my lap again so that the vet could do what was necessary, I saw that she’d shed all over my lap. I was taken back to the day I met Bella. She was living in a foster home. She sat on my lap and purred as I pet her, shedding and covering me in shed hair. It was a strangely fitting set of bookends for a consumate lapcat.

I will miss her enormously. I will miss how she would insist on being near me, even following me around the house. I will miss her cranky old lady meow. I’ll miss the way she nibbled onalll the plants I’d try to grow, and the way she’d look at me expectantly when I ate string cheese. I’ll miss taking her for walks and I’ll miss the way she kept trying to teach me to be a proper cat. There is so very much I’ll miss about her, and maybe one day I’ll be able to write about it without it hurting, but I’m not there yet.

I never knew how old she was or where she came from or how she ended up on the streets. I just know that Bella was very simply the bestest cat ever.

Thoughts on Resolutions

I tend to have mixed feelings about resolutions. This will probably seem odd to most people who know me well, since I do set goals for myself every year. However, I think making resolutions can cause your to focus on the wrong things. It’s also disappointing when you don’t keep your resolutions.

I didn’t meet as many of my goals for 2013 as I’d hoped to, especially the writing-related ones. However, there are a few things I did in the last year that I’m rather pleased about:

  • I started relearning Spanish
  • I learned to sew

For 2014, my plan is to do a lot of writing, read more, post here more often, continue learning Spanish, and do more crafty things. Okay, and maybe also that pesky exercise thing.