Restaurant Round-Up – December 2012

A friend suggested I start chronicling my restaurant non-adventures, since I love food and, frankly, I think with my stomach. There are three places I’ve been to recently that are worth mentioning.

Toyotomi is a sushi place near my house. I have no idea how authentic this place is, and there are several non-Japanese items on the menu, but the food is quite tasty and the staff is friendly. It’s rather tiny, though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for large groups.

Birra is basically a fancy pizza and beer place. The beers selection is good and there are some interesting pizza topping combinations, like duck or figs and goat cheese. They also do a tasty Irish Coffee. It’s another fairly small place, though, and probably not suitable for large groups.

Molly Maguire’s in Pheonixville (about an hour to the west of Philly)- I went there for brunch the other day with my friend M, and it was absolutely delicious. When we went, it was rather quiet, but it was an off hour. If you do go, I strongly recommend the eggs benedict.

The Daily Bread (and Other Matters)

There are two chain restaurants opening on Walnut Street, both within a block of my office. One is Le Pain Quotidien (the daily bread, in French) and the other is Chipotle. I’ve eaten at other Chipotles, and they’re decent enough. Le Pain Quotidien is apparently a Belgian chain. I’m intrigued by the menu, and curious about whether they’ll have a decent sized space for meet-ups.

Speaking of meet-ups, the French Conversation Group had one tonight. Attendance was… well, we could have used a few more people, but I’m always glad to have a chance to practice.

News Bites: Chocolate, Protein and the Brain, and Urban Farming

I’ve been reading a lot of interesting news tidbits, and thought I’d share. Today’s edition is mostly about food.

Kraft wants to take over Cadbury.

I also stumbled accross an article saying that high protein, low carb diets may contribute to Alzheimers Disease. It’s intriguing and surprising—but also just one study in mice, so the results should be interpreted with caution.

For a new spin on urban farming, look at Detroit. While I’m not moving to detroit anytime soon, the article is a fascinating read, and some of the arial photos are astounding. [Found via the NYT Idea of the Day Blog.]