Hello, out there!

Apparently, I have a cyberstalker* from the past. Thanks to Google Analytics, I’ve learned that one of my visitors yesterday was very interested in me, my family, and some of the people from my old schools.

If you’re still reading, cyberstalker, please do say hello. Actually, the same goes for any of you other random visitors or anonymous regulars: Go ahead and introduce yourselves!

*Actually, I’m not quite sure this is the right term, but I couldn’t really come up with a better one.

iPod Touch Resources

I’ve recently found a few things that have helped make my iPod Touch a bit easier to use. The first is this set of tips for the iPod touch keyboard. It’s actually helped a lot, especially the ability to type accents.

The other useful item I found is the WordPress 2 app in the iTunes app store. That’s how I generated the recent test post, which means I can now post on the go, even if I don’t have my laptop with me.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how my NaNoWriMo project went… let’s just say I didn’t do so well.