President-Elect Trump? I blame the Indians.*

I know I haven’t posted here in a long, long while. Recent events, however, have given me things to think about and things I want to say.

First: Things are not going to be okay. I mean, I suspect that things will be more or less okay for me. While I’m still not white, an immigrant, and run the risk of being mistaken for muslim, I live in a little straight, middle class, model minority bubble. Things are going to be a lot worse for other people.

A friend mentioned that there are a lot of white women hand-wringing on Facebook about how they’re being blamed for Trump winning the election. There seems to be a lot of #NotAllWhiteWomen going around. But I think another group probably deserves a lot of blame: Indian Americans.*

By Indian Americans, I mean people like me. People who come from India or whose parents come from India, who are culturally or religiously Hindu, and who are eligible to vote in the US, either through birth or naturalization.

A lot of Indian Americans have voted for Trump, and even those who may not have been eligible to vote for him, supported him. A lot of this, I suspect, comes from deeply entrenched prejudices in the Hindu community against Muslims, Blacks, and Hispanics. Religious prejudice and racism are two of the most problematic aspects of Indian and Hindu culture, and they’re widespread. And just because Indian people aren’t white doesn’t mean they don’t have both in spades.

Now, obviously, #NotAllIndians are Trump supporters. I have no problem declaring that I voted for Clinton, but that doesn’t mean I’m without blame. I should have done more. I should have spoken up before we ended up with this travesty.

There probably aren’t enough Indian Americans who voted to have editorials written blaming them for Trumps victory. But this is still a democracy, and those who voted for Trump and those who didn’t vote at all still handed him the White House. And so did people like me who did vote, but didn’t do enough to explain why Trump is so dangerous.

Because it’s not Trump himself that concerns me most. I mean, I think his presidency will be an amazing disaster, but his supporters and the culture from which those supporters come from frightens me even more.

We now live in a country where it’s considered acceptable to tell non-white people to go back to where they came from, teenage girls are being sexually assaulted by their classmates because the president-elect has done it, and my part of the city has been vandalized with racist and nazi graffiti.

And on some level, it’s at least partly my fault. I should have done more. We all should have. So the question is, what do we do now?

*Not American Indians/Native Americans.

2 thoughts on “President-Elect Trump? I blame the Indians.*

  1. Anju you have written well. When we visited US i did have my srichoornam(Imark) yet was mistaken for a muslim.There was this lurking fear that someone would shoot you in the prevailing gun-wielding culture,


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