My Top 3 Podcasts

I love podcasts. I think they are wonderful to listen to during my commute, and when I clean. I decided that I would share my top 3 podcasts with you, plus 2 honorable mentions.

Dear Hank and John

Dear Hank and John is categorized in iTunes as a comedy podcast, but Hank and John Green will be the first to point out that almost every episode talks about the inevitability of death—not just your death and mine, but the death of everything. And yet, it’s still pretty funny. Every episode follows the same format: John recites a short poem, the brothers provide dubious advice in answer to questions from listeners, and then we hear the latest (or at least relatively recent) news about Mars and AFC Wimbledon. This podcast takes the top spot because I really do look forward to it every week.

Available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

AAAS Weekly Science Podcast

The AAAS Weekly Science Podcast is a great way to stay on top of recent scientific news and seem smarter than you may actually be. There’s usually one feature story and a round up of the week’s news.

Available on iTunes and through their RSS feed.

Vos Animaux

The Vos Animaux podcast is in French. It’s a call-in show where the host, a veterinarian, answers questions about all kinds of animals, from cats and dogs to tortoises and other wildlife. (France seems to have a lot of tortoises.) There are also special segments about various current issues—often related to animal rights.

Available on iTunes and the RMC site.

Honorable mentions

These two podcasts are only listed as honorable mentions because I don’t listen to them that frequently. They’re excellent, however, and I do highly recommend them.

Votre Jardin

Votre Jardin is another French call in show, this time about gardening. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from this show about both French vocabulary and gardening. I highly recommend it. Also, if you’re interested in cars or tinkering around the house, the same radio station has call in shows on those topics as well.

Available on iTunes and the RMC site.

Welcome to Nightvale

Welcome to Nightvale is set in the fictional town of Nightvale, somewhere in the American dessert. It’s done as a community radio broadcast hosted by Cecil, a Nightvale local, as he chronicles the Lovecraftian weirdness that the town’s residents regard as perfectly commonplace. It’s highly entertaining, and often has wonderful guest voice actors.

Available on iTunes and the Welcome to Nightfall website.

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