The Big Promoting Friends Post

Several of my friends have been doing amazing and creative things lately.

To start, there are the crafters, several of whom have etsy stores:

Enting Fibercraft: For those of you who spin or knit, my friend Naomi makes handcarded batts and handspun yarns. There are some really beautiful colorways here. Go check them out.

Tanya Minott Jewelry: If you’re looking for a gift or just for some nice beaded jewelry for yourself, check this site out.

Then there are the writers.

Toll Road, a short story by my friend Chris, is now available for the Kindle. It’s quite good, and I highly recommend reading it.

Doug Lawson is running an experiment on Amazon with his book, Beasts of the Walking City. Just follow the link for details. As part of the experiment, you can get a free ebook and a chance to win a Kindle Fire. Plus, any royalties from his experiment will go to Habitat for Humanity.

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