Pseudo-Curry with Green Peas

Dinner tonight was a super quick and rather tasty pseudo-curry with green peas.

The recipe is essentially the butter chickpeas from stone soup, except I used 1 lb of frozen peas and canned tomato sauce, and I forgot the chili flakes. And of course, I never actually measure anything…. Because I used frozen peas, this dish took a little bit longer to cook than the chickpea version would.

Next time i will probably try using stewed or crushed tomatoes and I’ll add the chili flakes—though if you don’t like spice, I suggest adding the garam masala a little at a time and tasting after each addition. If you wanted something paneer-like, you could either make your own paneer (which seems like too much work to me, but there are plenty of tutorials online), buy some at an Indian grocery, or add some cubed firm tofu.

I served this with trader joe’s frozen naan rather than rice, but it’d probably be quite good over either white or brown rice.

And no, there is no picture. Mine came out a bit less red and a bit more like terra cotta or brown clay pots. Still quite tasty though.

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