Where I Write

Everyone writes differently. People write at different times, with different tools, in different places. I generally write on the couch. It’s comfortable and it gives Bella the option of hopping up onto my lap, sitting next to me, or just ignoring me. The latter two generally make it easier to type.

I’ve been thinking of converting my dining area into an office space, however. For one thing, I tend not to use it as a dining area much. I suspect that I’ll still do most of my writing on the couch. It’s just the most comfortable place. There are times, though, when I want to have a desk. Usually this is if I need to spread out a bunch of stuff (like for the manuscript review) or need to use the mouse. Before I can do that, though, I need to get rid of all the paper I seem to have accumulated and get a comfy chair. Ideally, the ‘office’ would be easy to convert back temporarily to a dining area if needed.

As for the writing itself, I’m still revising Wolf Season. It’s going slowly, but I’ve gotten through about 13% of it, give or take. That’s five chapters, although they’re quite short chapters. The incredible shrinking manuscript continues to shrink.

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