Wednesday Writing Update (6/29/11)

The index card wall has been taken down. I wound up spending a day or two rearranging cards and writing my changes on them. I think I cut four scenes and added five—although a few might still be merged with others or expanded.

I’ve also started putting my planned changes into the draft. I just finished with Chapter 1 last night. It’s about 12 pages, or 3% of the book. I also pulled out the scenes I’m planning to cut, so right now it’s about 3,500 words shorter than before.

Of course, this is the software version of the word count. If I was to set it in 12pt Courier New and assume 250 words per page, it would be considered about 3000 words longer.

Yes, I know. I obsess about word count. I do also obsess about other things, though, like telling an interesting story and trying to keep my prose tight.

Revising seems to be going really slowly. I’m not sure if that’s because now I’m spending a lot more time trying to get the details and the wording just right, or if there’s some other reason. I’m trying not to worry about it though. I will say, however, that my pace for writing a novel is clearly slower than a lot of other writers. I guess my readers will just have to be patient.

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