Writing Update: The Index Card Wall (6/22/11)

Wolf Season - Index Card Wall

As my regular readers (all three of you) know, I’ve been reviewing my manuscript for Wolf Season. As I’ve been reviewing, I’ve been summarizing each existing scene on an index card. Well, this past weekend, I finally finished reviewing the manuscript and taped up all the index cards. On the right is the calendar on which I initially planned out the story. The action of the story basically takes place over two and a half months.

That one lone index card all the way to the left is a scene I decided to cut from the next draft. Eventually, it will be joined by other cards, which either will be cut wholesale or replaced by other scenes. And although you can’t see it in this picture, each card has a bunch of notes in colored ink that detail what i’m going to be changing.

Once I’ve decided what all of the changes will be, and where the new scenes will go, I’ll update the calendar, take down the index cards, and then begin putting everything into the computer. I suspect that that last portion is going to take several weeks to a few months. It’s actually rather scary to think about.

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