Vendredi de Vocabulaire: Une Bolée

Une bolée de cidre
Une bolée de cidre à Bretagne.
Image Credit:
Used under Creative Commons license.

I had lunch with Olivier the other day. Olivier is an expatriate from France, and therefore he’s occasionally useful when I want to know something about the French language or culture. I mentioned to him that when I was in Paris, I ate at a crêperie one night, and they served cider (le cidre) in what looked like large teacups. He told me that cider is traditionally served as une bolée: a bowlful.

Apparently you can get other words relating to volume by adding the -ée ending on to a container. You get une bolée from un bol (a bowl). You can do the same derivation with the word for spoon:

  • une cuillère – spoon
    1. une cuillerée – spoonful, dollop
    2. une cuillère à thé / à café – teaspoon
      • une cuillerée à café – teaspoonful
    3. une cuillère à soupe – tablespoon
      • une cuillerée à soupe – tablespoonful

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