Writing Update (6/8/2011)

I have a serious case of fried brain.

I took a two week break after I finished the last round of changes to my book, but on some level, it was not a complete break. I wound up taking a lot of notes about what I thought I might want to change, and I printed out my manuscript and got supplies for the big manuscript review. I also (finally!) came up with a working title: Wolf Season.

The big manuscript review started on Monday. I’m about 20% of the way through my printout. So far, I’ve learned that I need to cut out a ton. I also plan on adding some other scenes as well, so perhaps the length changes will even out. It’s hard to tell, though. I’m also beginning to suspect that I may have inadvertently written a paranormal romance. I’m not really sure. I’m going to have to ask my first readers to tell me.

Last weekend, I also went to the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference. I’m really glad I went. My thoughts on that will be posted later this week.

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