Wednesday Writing Update (5/25/11)

I just finished what I’m calling Round 1 of my revisions to the Werewolf project. In this round, basically I added a few scenes that I knew would would have to be worked in and did a lot of thinking about what else I might want to change. Along the way, I added about 6,000 words, going from a word count of 71,233 to 77,641. (Yes, I’m still concerned with the word count, since I do want it to be within the range that’s typically considered publishable.)

Round 2 of my revisions will start in about a week and a half. I want to give myself a short break to do some reading, work on some other projects, and just relax. Then, I gather my supplies (a printout of my manuscript, index cards, a notebook, colored pens, sticky notes, etc.) and start the really hard work.

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