Wednesday Writing Update (5/11/11)

The revision keeps going. I’m at the point where I’m adding scenes, which are expanding what I’ve written. I’ve also been getting some good ideas about plot points to change and character details to include. I think these things will add to my word count (which is good, because I need more for genre considerations), and make my story better. It’s also scary though. I’m a little afraid that I’ll never stop tweaking this story. It’s probably way too early to worry about that, though.

I’ve also been reading books about writing. They’re giving me some ideas and techniques to try, so I’m glad about that. So far, though, I’ve been finding that author blogs are actually more useful. At some point, I’ll compile a list of the ones I follow that have provided me with useful ideas. That will have to wait for a bit, though. Right now my first writing priority is my revision.

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