General Life Update (5/7/11)

  • A lovely dinner with some friends from Café Blue (my writers’ list) at Sazon (delicious Venezuelan food).
  • Brunch at Dandelion with a friend from my French Conversation Group.
  • I started watching the first season of Buffy, and I remember how much I liked it in the beginning. I’m not committing to watching the whole series though.
  • I created a Plan for my rewrite of the werewolf novel. Plans are good. They keep me from having writing-related panic attacks.
  • I tend to buy presents for people in bookstores. I love bookstores.
  • I also love libraries.
  • I made a vegetarian chili in the slow cooker. It was not bad, but needed to be spicier. I also made two batches of corn bread: one from a mix, the other from scratch. I need to get a better sense of adjusting baking time and temperature to my containers.
  • I started my hooping class. It’s fun so far.
  • I have also been watching MacGuyver. It’s interesting to see a show that’s so driven by a single actor rather than an ensemble cast, although they did bring in the Peter Thornton character.

2 thoughts on “General Life Update (5/7/11)

  1. Hey, we’ve been going through the Buffy series for awhile now. It’s pretty good. It’s interesting seeing all the things I missed having only watched Angel before.


    1. It started while I was in high school, and I watched it when it first came on because I loved the movie. Then I went to college and lost track of it. It seems like one of those shows where missing a few episodes leaves you completely lost.


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