Random Plans for the Future

I am already thinking about next year’s garden.

Actually, I’m already thinking about all sorts of plans for the future (aside from the rewriting I need to do for the book and the ton of reading I have to do in the next two weeks). But the other big thing has to do with biking.

Honestly, I suck at biking. I am simple horrible. I suppose I could cut myself some slack since I only learned how to ride a bike two years ago,* but I try not to do that. Plus, I know there’s a lot of room for improvement. My ultimate goal is to be able to do some biking around Europe.

Now, I don’t mean all of Europe or hard-core touring that requires carrying everything around. And I definitely don’t mean hills or large distances or hills or rough terrain or… did I mention I don’t like hills? Just some nice easy rides that would let me see a bit of countryside around a small area. Of course, that requires that I be able to:

  • Cycle at least 25 miles in a day (maybe up to 35—eek!)
  • Deal with minor repairs (e.g. fixing flats)
  • Possibly find someone to do this with me

This sounds kind of crazy, actually. I am, of course, reserving the right to change my mind. I know it will take me at least a few years to work up to it. But I’m posting this here, out in public, to encourage myself to do it.

As far as next year’s garden, I think I’d like to add some blueberry plants, some hanging strawberries, and a cucumber plant.

* I had a bike with training wheels as a kid, but never managed to get the hang of it after the training wheels came off. Two years ago, I decided that I was going to learn how to ride a bike.

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