Week (Give or Take) in Review

  • I bought a new scale. My old one seemed to pick numbers randomly every few days.
  • I set up the guest room. It’s the only room in the house that Bella isn’t allowed in. Bella does not approve of this.
  • The ex-housemate returned for a brief stay in the guest room.
  • I’m currently reading two books about storytellers with particular gifts: Inkheart and Shadowbridge.
  • I have an amazingly full calendar for April and May. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though.
  • I realized my life is a cliché: someone in marketing who is working on a novel.
  • I wish Reubens/pastrami was better for me.
  • Science on Tap was last night. I enjoyed it more than my companion did.
  • This weekend involved a lot of (possibly a bit too much) yummy food.
  • This is an interesting post on how to define success when you’re a writer (though I suspect it could apply to lots of different areas of life as well).

2 thoughts on “Week (Give or Take) in Review

  1. I think if I hadn’t just defended my dissertation that morning, I would have been more forgiving of a Penn professor who didn’t meet my “rigorous” standards for giving a talk – namely coherence and Powerpoint slides that aren’t a wall of text 😉


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