Wednesday Word Count

The Werewolf Project: 66,686

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve actually been thinking a bunch about the nuts and bolts of writing, and I wanted to get my thoughts down. As you can tell, my output has slowed down considerably, although I’m still managing to eke out some words here and there. However, I’ve started to think more about what I want to do when I rewrite the werewolf project. I’ve come to the conclusion that before I get into the rewrite, I’m going to have to do some studying.

There are a number of things I feel like I’m weak on:

  • plot and structure
  • transitions
  • dialogue
  • characterizations
  • trimming down prose

I know: that list includes everything but the kitchen sink. And I’m only working on my first draft, so I probably don’t have a real idea of where my real weaknesses are. But those are some things that I think I could stand to learn more about. So how am I going to be working on these things?

Well, I will probably read a few books on writing, to see if I can get some insights that way. However, I’d also like to do some deconstructing of books I’ve enjoyed. I think some of this will be to see how these authors have paced/plotted their novels, and some of it will be to do some close readings of passages that I think have good descriptions or characterizations or transitions or… you get the idea. Basically, I think I need to pretend to be an English major for a little while, except I’ll primarily be studying commercial fiction instead of “literature.”

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