Writing Goals in 2011

2010 was a very busy year. I went to Paris for a week, bought a house, moved, and wrote over 60k words.

Quite honestly, I’m torn between wanting to do just as much in 2011 and wanting to slow down and take it easy. I’ve got a few writing-related goals for the year.

My writing related goals are

  • To finish the first draft of the Werewolf Project
  • To complete a fair chunk of work on the Shipping Project (which has been languishing)
  • To begin revising the Werewolf Project

I guess a lot of what I’m hoping for is to have a productive year, especially since the latter part of 2010 was rather unproductive. Of course, I’d also like to do a fair bit of reading and generally enjoying life.

So what are your writing (or other goals) for 2011?

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