Wednesday Word Count

The Werewolf Project: 52,118

I’m not entirely sure how, but I managed to add almost 4,000 words this week. I’m really pleased to have crossed the 50k mark. And no, this isn’t a NaNo project—not really, anyway. I did get the idea for this project last November. However, I only got about 2000 words written, and then I wound up working on a number of other things, like buying a house and visiting Paris. I started working on the Werewolf project again in July, and have been making fairly steady progress on the first draft since then.

I think that for the genre I’m writing in, I need to get up to about 90k. I have no idea if I will or not. I’m basically just writing the story as best I can right now. Still, I’m going to try not to fret over it too much.

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