Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville

I spent last weekend up in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville visiting some old friends, hanging out, and generally causing trouble. I got to see one of the Artisan’s Asylum spaces, and met one or two interesting people.


I took Megabus up to Boston on Friday and then went over to Harvard Square. There I hung out at the Au Bon Pain, conversed briefly with some German tourists, and pretended to be writerly while waiting for Jenn. Once she arrived, we hung out in the square for a bit longer, getting cheesecake at the Harvard Coop.

Later we went to have dinner at a place in Inman Square called Spice and Rice. The decor was interesting, with colored lights and curved lines. Even better, the food was tasty. Afterwards, we hung out at the asylum with the Demonspawn. (It’s a term of endearment. Really.)


Jenn and I had brunch at a place called Tory Row, in Harvard Square. It was not bad, but it definitely can’t beat the brunch at Bistrot St Tropez, here in Philly. We spent some more time in Harvard Square visiting various bookstores and a place called Chameleon. I’m pleased to say that the Grolier Poetry Book Shop and Schoenhoff’s Foreign Books are still there. (I wound up not purchasing anything though.)

For dinner, we once again met with the Demonspawn and ate at The Otherside Café. The Otherside was one of my favorite places when I was an undergrad, and I still love it, though it has changed a lot. It used to have a hippie vibe to it, and they only took cash and did not serve alcohol. Now they check your ID before you even go in, and I spotted a few tables of hipsters. Their burritos are still amazing, tough. If you’re ever in Boston, do make a point to stop by there. You won’t be disappointed.


DSCN1280.JPG A quiet day. Jenn and I wandered around downtown Boston, seeing the Common, The Public Gardens, and Newbury Street. Jenn wanted to try catching the ducks in the Public Gardens, but she didn’t fortunately. I marveled at the number of German tourists. We had clam chowder at Quincy Market (another tradition). In the evening, Jenn taught a class and I wrote, and then we once again hung out with the Demonspawn, this time at a place called Precinct. They have a good chicken avocado club.


Megabus back to Philly.

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