Vendredi de Vocabulaire: Un Travesti

Today’s word is un travesti. This word does not, as you might be inclined to think, mean travesty. It means transvestite. The feminine form is une travestie.

In case you were wondering, the word for transsexual is un transsexuel or une transsexuelle. A dravesty is un travestissement or une farce.

I learned un travesti because I was talking about my weekend in the French film class I’m taking, and one of the things I did this weekend was watch a comedy special featuring Eddie Izzard. As you might expect, ti was quite funny. I highly recommend watching him, if you haven’t already. The particular one that I saw (Dress to Kill) featured about 10 minutes of Eddie doing his routine in French at the end. It was great.

Finally, with regard to last week’s post about le bitume a French acquaintance of mine pointed out that the word l’asphalte (masc.) does exist in French. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is between the two words, so if anyone out there would care to enlighten me, please do feel free.

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