Museum Day: The Rosenbach

Saturday was Museum Day, during which several museums throughout the country offer free admission– though they do require you to register and print out your ticket online. I decided to go to the Rosenbach Museum and Library.

I didn’t spend loads of time there, but I still enjoyed myself. The first floor has a gallery dedicated to Maurice Sendak, with several nods to the Brothers Grimm, whose stories Sendak illustrated. I admittedly would have liked yo see more about the Brothers Grimm, but I still really enjoyed it. Seeing Sendak’s drawings made me want to draw again, even though I’m a terrible artist and would probably find it frustrating to not be able to draw out what I saw in my head.

I thought it was particularly interesting seeing that Sendak did many of his drawings on tracing paper, at least the initial sketches. Apparently he would also “quote” from other artists by tracing bits from other people’s drawings–making notes about his sources in the margins.

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