Vendredi de Vocabulaire: Les chats

I thought I’d stay with the animal theme, this time having to do with the things cats do:

  • miauler – to meow
  • ronronner – to purr
  • griffer – to scratch, which my cat Bella does to most surfaces
  • baver – to drool, which Bella does sometimes in her sleep

My cat Bella, sleeping.
Bella sleeping. Image credit: E. Naomi Twery.

2 thoughts on “Vendredi de Vocabulaire: Les chats

  1. Ça fait plus joli, mais il n’y a aucun chapeau chinois dans le mot “chat”.

    Et t’as oublié mentionner le sens vulgaire de “chatte”. C’est l’opportunité parfait de traduire quelques blagues de “Are You Being Served?”!


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