Container Garden, Take 2

I went to Lowe’s on Thursday night to pick up some supplies for the new container garden. Unfortunately the fungus gnats (and the battle to get rid of them) decimated most of the existing plants. Only the basil and rosemary survived, and those are still not looking too well.

Still, I miss having growing things, so I’m going to try again my plan is to plant the following:

Lettuce mix (cut and come again) with Arugula thrown in
Snow Peas

The seeds are from a variety of sources.

I’ll be planting in stages, and will probably get some self watering container mix and trying out a non-organic potting mix for the non-self watering containers, since I seemed to have so many problems with the organic stuff before. (Unfinished compost can be bad stuff.)

On a final note, I saw some carnivorous plants at Lowe’s today: venus flytraps, purple pitchers, and one other type. They were in little plastic terrariums. I also saw some seed kits with biodegradable pots. I didn’t get any of these items, but I was tempted. I really should not be left alone in garden supply centers.

On that note, I will leave you with this image, from Le Jardin des Plantes Utiles in the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Melon d'eau

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