The Pesky Slime Mold

I’d like you to meet the slime mold that did in my lettuce box. It showed up on Thursday night, a.k.a. a few hours before my trip to Boston. I wound up getting rid of everything that was in the window box, since I didn’t want it spreading spores.

I have two other troughs of lettuce, but one just isn’t growing and the other has all sorts of creepy crawlies in it. I’ve identified the fungus gnats. The other two are too small for me to get good pics of.

Unidentified pest #1 is an insect that looks to have a body segment up front that’s rather rigid, and then a longer body segment that’s wiggly. Total length is about 2 to 3 mm long It is colored dark brown, so it’s camouflaged well.

Unidentified pest #2 looks like an itty bitty white worm, and it wriggles and moves in sort of an inch worm fashion. I don’t know if it’s actually white, but it is light colored. Total length ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 mm.

I’m considering sprinkling diatomaceous earth on top of the soil. I’ve already added a bit of chili powder, since I don’t think it will hurt the plants, and it might hurt the pests.

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