Books and bugs

The Edible Herb Garden (Edible Garden Series)

My review

The Edible Herb Garden by Rosalind Creasy
rating: 3 of 5 stars
I skimmed this and got some good ideas for things to do with herbs. I’m eager to try the herb butters. I also finally understand the difference between regular chives (a.k.a. onion chives) and garlic chives (a.k.a. Asian chives). I happen to have seeds for the latter, and now have some ideas on what to do with them when I regrow them.

As with all of Creasy’s books, the photography is beautiful—and as an added bonus, I found I can now identify Nasturtium leaves by sight, although they are rather distinctive.

Book source: Montgomery County, PA, public library system

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The Bugs

The chives mentioned above had a bug problem. I doubt the bugs were beneficial, and they were creepy, so out they all went. I plan on trying to replant them sometime.

I do wish I had more space for bigger pots, or an outdoor area that wasn’t so high up.

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