Herb Garden Thoughts

“It didn’t occur to me that… that gardening, like music, could demand practice, patience, a willingness to make mistakes.”

Amy Stewart in From the Ground Up

I’m currently reading From the Ground Up—Amy Stewart’s book about her first garden. It’s an entertaining read, and it has some good advice in it. I like the quote above. It makes me feel a bit better about my current container gardening mistakes.

So, I think I have powdery mildew, which is affecting many things in my poor container garden. That, or some other type of moldy thing. There are some bugs there too. Since the plants are all indoors, I may look into getting Neem spray, though I could also try solutions of baking soda or skim milk. The baking soda might burn the plants though. The easiest may be Neem. I’ll just have to be sure to rinse things well before I eat them.

The problem seems to be partially be related to my terra cotta pots, so as I scale up certain plants, I may use pots made of… stuff that is not terra cotta. Said pots will probably be self-watering, which I have heard is a way to keep container plants from getting too much or too little water. My reading suggests that watering issues are the root cause of most container plant issues. Unfortunately, self-watering containers are pricier. I do also plan on cleaning and treating my terra cotta pots.

I currently have a ridiculous collection of herb varieties:

  1. basil
  2. rosemary
  3. sage
  4. mint
  5. chives
  6. dill
  7. oregano
  8. thyme
  9. coriander/cilantro
  10. parsley
  11. catnip

To be honest, this might be too many. I’ve more or less ranked them in their order of importance to me. I have seeds of most of these varieties, so I’m not too worried. If I screw up, I’ll just start over again—though since I don’t use the last three too often, I may just let them go.1 This is a learning experience, right? And hey, at least it has the potential to be a delicious one.

The one thing that sort of bugs me is that I probably can’t reuse the potting soil if it is powdery mildew. Still, it might be worth it for successful container herbs.

1. No, I don’t cook with catnip, and Bella is not too keen on it either. She thinks it’s nice to have around, but she’s fine if it’s not there.

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