A reading update

I just finished reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I read it once before in college, but didn’t like it that much. I’m still not crazy about it, but I found it more amusing this time. I suspect that my expectations were too high the first time, since everyone I knew seemed to love it.

I’ve also read three chapters in Harry Potter à L’école des Sorciers. It’s going relatively well. There’s a lot of new vocabulary, and I’m having some trouble with the passé simple. I suspect it would be much harder if I wasn’t familiar with the English version. Still, I’m enjoying it.

My reading list is full of fiction and nonfiction right now, which I’m glad about. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of fluff reading handy. By fluff reading, I mean something that I won’t have to concentrate to hard on. This doesn’t mean it’s worthless, but it’s not something I consider something I should study. I’d also like to start reading poetry again. I haven’t in a long while. Poetry seems so much harder to read than prose, though, that I tend to balk at it.

How do you read poetry? Slowly, or quickly? Do you read a poem more than once before going on to the next? How long does it take you to finish a volume of poetry? Is it completely pathetic that I feel the need to ask?

One thought on “A reading update

  1. When I read poetry, which is not all that often, I tend to read it quickly and only go back and reread it if something struck me in the first read-through. (Which is actually how I read prose, too.)


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