On weather and speaking other languages

On Saturday, the weather was a balmy 71? Fahrenheit (22? Celsius). On a philosophical and environmental note, it was rather frightening, but on a personal one it was quite pleasant. I was able to indulge in one of my favorite activities: napping. Saturday was perfect for napping. It was sunny, so just enough sunlight filtered into my bedroom to provide a soft ambient whiteness. The temperature, too, was perfect for napping.

After the nap, there was still enough time to take a walk in the park. There’s a nice footpath there that was dry for the most part, so I got in about two rounds. Unfortunately, I learned that I am really, really out of shape. Clearly, more walking is called for.

Also unfortunate is my ability to speak French. On Saturday I was able to talk via Skype with a very nice Belgian gentleman who I met through My Language Exchange. I can’t vouch for everyone on the site, but my experience has been positive, and it’s really nice to be able to practice with a native speaker. Now if only I could actually remember all those verb conjugations and vocabulary words while I’m trying to have a conversation.

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