Hinduism goes Disney

I just read this article in this mornings New York Times. I find it vaguely disturbing. I’m not sure if I think god and disney shouldn’t be mixed, or if it’s just the idea of things that once seemed unchangeable and immovable are now changing—and being disneyfied no less.

This post refers to:

Allen, Jonathon. The Disney Touch at a Hindu Temple. New York Times. June 8, 2006.

One thought on “Hinduism goes Disney

  1. Spectacle in service of worship really doesn’t seem all that out of place; it’s an update on the basic idea of icons and gilding anything that doesn’t move.

    Still, I suppose it mightn’t seem dignified if you are of a more ascetic nature. 😉

    Uh, might add, I dropped by planning on adding your feeds, but neither will render in firefox, IE or my newsreader (raggle.) Maybe you can drop me a line if there’s anything special I need to do?



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