5 thoughts on “Things I have learned from the French News

  1. Call me a pig, but I just don’t care about soccer. Decriminalizing
    consensual “crimes,” however, that interests me.

    And before a certain rabid feminist friend of ours jumps me with
    the numbers on how oppressive prostitution is, I subscribe to the
    notion that the oppression and the irrational criminalization are
    both products of the same sloppy thinking, and so progress on either
    will benefit the other. (Put differently, we’re on the same side, V,

    Keep ’em comin’!


  2. The two snippets were part of the same story. Apparently there’s a bordello quite close to the stadium where the World Cup will be held. One concern is that the, ahem, increased demand will lead to the smuggling in of sex slaves.


  3. “…ahem…” So delicate. 😉

    Ideally they wouldn’t be slaves; they’d be respected professionals
    in a competitive market demanding good prices and enjoying hih-status.

    A pipe dream, I know. And the realities are pretty brutal. But I
    still believe that de-criminalizing will help break the moral
    myopia which in truth drives the ugly side of what should be
    consensual relations.


  4. I’m with Beau. Prohibition does not work–especially prohibition of victimless crimes. I have no problem with maximum sentences for white slavery (any sex slavers), child pimps, or abusers and molesters. But free trade, taxed and with minimal regulation and oversight–where’s the beef?

    Prostitution was legal in the small town where I grew up, and I never heard of any problem with it. They paid their taxes, contributed to the community, and I never heard of any problems with violence or abuse. Make it illegal, drive it underground, and you just invite all kinds of problems, and victimize the very people you’re pretending to protect. In places where prosititution is illegal, it is typically the women who suffer the most severe consequences. How is that pro feminist?


  5. Hi Anju, and sorry for responding to this here… but I just ran across it and I rather have to say this to our friend Beau.

    Beau: Disagree with me all you want about issues relevant to human trafficking, and base those disagreements in whatever substance or lack thereof that suits your privilege and/or preference, but use a word like “rabid” in referring to me personally, and I will never speak to you again.


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